Wye Tenkara

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Valsesiana is an ancient method of fly fishing practiced in the Sesia Valley in Northern Italy. Valsesiana is a method of  fishing with a fixed line attached to a long rod rod which is between 3.5 and 4.5 metres. Traditionally this fixed line was made of horse hair but other materials can be used. Today the rods are made of carbon fibre but other suitable materials were used in the past. There are similarities between Valsesiana and Tenkara and also fixed line fly fishing practiced in the 16th and 17th centuries in Britain. The main difference between modern Tenkara and Valsesiana is that in Tenkara only a single fly is used whereas fishermen who practice Valsesiana will use a team of spider like flies. These flies have the hackle pointing forward and a Valsesiana fly is similar to a Tenkara fly and also has similarities with North Country Spiders.


The Valsesiana fisherman generally fishes up stream casting the team of flies into all likely spots. The team of files are worked to elicit a take from the trout. The alpine streams of the Sesia valley are similar to the mountain streams found in Japan where Tenkara originated.  


For more information on Valsesiana fly fishing see the website www.moscavalsesiana.it