Wye Tenkara

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The Dulas Brook

Photos taken 30th September 2014 showing low water conditions


Species present: Brown Trout


Season: 3rd March to 30th September


Permits from: Wye and Usk Foundation www.wyeuskfoundation.org 


Equipment: Either 8' Tenkara rod or 2# 6' standard fly rod


Flies: Early season weighted nymphs or spiders, Mid-season Mayflies or other appropriate dry flies, Late season sedge flies


This is a small stream that is a tributary of the River Dore in Herefordshire. It flows through the village of Ewyas Harold before the brook joins the River Dore shortly before the confluence of the river Dore and the river Monnow at Pontrilas. The Dulas is a small stream with some deep pools. Being such a small stream it can suffer from low flows. This makes fishing tricky especially late in the season when there is a lot of bankside vegetation. The brook will also colour up after significant rain. Fishing the Dulas brook can be a delight because there is an abundance of wildlife including kingfishers and dippers.


I have found that this brook can be successfully fished with an 8’ Tenkara rod in normal conditions. When the stream gets very low a more effective set up would be to use a 2# 6’ fly rod with a 3 metre long light furled leader. This setup gives you just a bit more distance between you and the fish. As for flies early in the season spiders and nymphs can be successful, at the end of May and early June there are mayflies and later in the season sedge flies can be effective.


One final point it is important that proper biosecurity measures are employed because this stream has some rare wildlife in it and surrounding it.