Wye Tenkara

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A different approach to Tenkara


I have discussed the use of a tenkara rod in a traditional way. The equipment can also be used in a non-traditional way and much of the fishing in the UK uses a Tenkara rod in this way. The Tenkara rod is ideally suited to a range of river fishing techniques including short or Czech nymphing, dry fly, duo or New Zealand style and also long line nymphing or French nymphing.  The advantage of using a tenkara rod is that there is greater line control and it is possible produce long drag-free drifts. Another advantage, because the line is so light, there is less surface disturbance so there is less chance of frightening spooky fish but the angler must practice good river craft to avoid spooking the fish as you will be fishing closer to the fish.  



For more details please download a booklet on Tenkara