Wye Tenkara

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Small Streams

trout lies

The picture below highlights possible holding areas for trout in a small stream. Note also the tree roots which will provide good cover for non-feeding fish and also when the stream is in spate.














All standard methods used on larger rivers are applicable to small stream fishing. Early in the season weighted nymphs are effective fished either singly or as a part of a duo setup. The nymph is cast into likely spots and the tip of the line is watched for a take. A suitable rig would be to use either a 5 foot or 2.5 metre furled leader with 3 to 4 foot tippet. The size of the furled leader would depend on the length of rod you are using if you are using an 8 or 9 foot rod then the 2.5 metre furled leader would be the most appropriate. It is important to keep as much of the line off the water and to do only short drifts. If an 8 foot Tenkara rod is used then a 3 metre furled leader would be appropriate.  












Spiders are also effective and work well when fished in conjunction with a Tenkara rod.


The duo setup is the probably the most versatile method for general small stream fishing because you are not only targeting surface feeding fish but also subsurface feeding fish. The duo setup is as follows.







As the season progresses dry fly becomes more important. An effect setup would include a short length of tippet and a furled leader. The length of the furled leader depends on the rod length and time of year. Suitable furled leaders are 2 foot, 5 foot and 3 metres.  Later in the season when the stream is low and the flow is low I use a 3 metre furled leader with my 6 foot #2 rod.