Wye Tenkara

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River Dore


Species present: Brown Trout and grayling


Season: Open all year


Permits from: Wye and Usk Foundation www.wyeuskfoundation.org


Equipment: Either 8' Tenkara rod or standard fly rod 2# to 4# 6 to 8 foot


Flies: Early season weighted nymphs or spiders, Mid-season Mayflies or other appropriate dry flies, Late season: sedge flies



The River Dore is a small river which flows through the Golden valley in Herefordshire.  The Dore is not a big stream but does contain a good population of both trout and grayling and some of them can be a good size. For the most part the banks are very steep and the substrate is soft making wading not too difficult. The banks of this stream are overgrown so it is essential to wade. Care needs to be taken when wading because some of the pools can be very deep and I find it best to plan your fishing between entry points this is particularly true when fishing at Chanstone Court. . There are three beats available through the Wye and Usk Foundation, two of which are available through the Wild Streams scheme and they are; Abbey Dore and Chanstone Court. Like many of the streams in Herefordshire the Dore can suffer from low flows in summer and can colour up after rain. The best river height is between 0.5 and 0.2 metres on the Peterchurch Environment Agency’s gauge.


The Dore is best fished between March and June and then in the autumn and winter when the level and colour allow.


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