Wye Tenkara

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My Fishing Journey


My name is Richard Adeney and I have been a fisherman for more than 50 years. I was first taught to fish by an Irish school master when I was about 10 years old. He not only taught me to course fish but also fly fish. While at this school I fished for course fish and also rainbow trout. He also let us have a free range of his fly tying equipment so I have been fly tying for just as long. While at secondary school I spent many hours fishing the river Wey at Frensham in Surrey and fished for trout and course fish. In the summer there were clandestine trips in the early morning to Frensham ponds to fish for tench.


After school I went to University and got degrees in Zoology and Fish Biology and spent 10 years as a professional fish biologist. After I was married we went to live in Plymouth where I indulged my passion as a fisherman not only in the sea but also on the moorland streams of Dartmoor. I learnt to enjoy fishing small streams for wild brown trout and also sea trout.


We then moved to Hereford and I am enjoying exploring the streams of the Wye catchment fishing for wild brown trout and grayling. Over a year ago I discovered the delights of Tenkara and have been a keen practitioner ever since.


I continually develop my fishing skills by working towards my Game Angling Instructors Certificate as an Associate member of Game Anglers Instructors Association (GAIA) and also attending courses devoted Tenkara. As a part of my GAIA training programme I am regularly involved in coaching activities. I am an active member of the Hereford Fly Tying Club, Fly Dressers Guild and also volunteer with the Wye and Usk Foundation maintaining their wild stream beats. I am also a member of the Wild Trout Trust and the Angling Trust.


Fishing the River Monnow Lower Longtown Beat