Wye Tenkara

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Furled Leaders

How they are made

Furled leaders are made from a range of threads. Mine are made from the following materials; copolymer, fluorocarbon and Uni-thread. The materials are twisted together to form the tapered leader. The leaders have either a sorb loop or ring at the tip end and a sorb loop at the butt end. They range in length from about a metre to over three metres.


Advantages of furled leaders

1 Better power transfer from the fly line to fly at the end of the cast, which   results in better turnover of the fly.  

2 Improves fly casting and reduces tangles.

3 More delicate fly presentation.

4 Leaders are designed to match the fly line weight.

5 A range of different tapers can be produced including forward tapered leaders


Tenkara furled Leaders

Uni-Thread Furled Leaders


Clear Furled Leaders

copolyer 5'
tenkara ry leader with background
3 ft furled leader