Wye Tenkara

Upper Longtown Beat River Monnow

Upper Longtown beat of the river Monnow

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Trout: Forward tapered 3.0 m Tenkara Furled leader/line light with orange tip


Handcrafted, light, forward tapered furled leader with sorb loops at each end designed for use with a 2.5 metre Tenkara rod. This leader can also be used in conjunction #2 - 3 fly rod to cope with very demanding river conditions.

Material: uni-thread grey/orange

Size: light (8/0 uni-thread)

Length: approximately 3.0 metres

Type: Tenkara

Tippet diameter: 0.08 – 0.15 mm

Special features:

A perfect leader for demanding fish and conditions

This leader has an orange tip to help you to spot those delicate takes

This leader is made of 8/0 uni-thread.   If you are after trout or grayling in small rivers and are using a 2.5 metre Tenkara rod or perhaps #2 - 3 rod, then this would be an ideal leader to use. Just add 4 or 5 feet of tippet material and a light coating of floatant you are set to go.

Advantages of using furled leaders:

1         Better power transfer from the fly line to fly at the end of the cast, which results in better turnover of the fly.

2         Improves fly casting and reduces tangles.

3         More delicate fly presentation.