Wye Tenkara

Upper Longtown Beat River Monnow

Upper Longtown beat of the river Monnow

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By richard adeney, Sep 6 2018 02:17PM

Japanese tenkara flies, known as Kebari in Japanese, tend to be simple spider like flies. They often have forward facing hackles but not always. The subject of this blog post is tying a simple forward hackled Kebari with a pheasant tail collar and red brown body.


Hook: barbless size 12 straight eye

Thread: rust brown 8/0 thread

Hackle: partridge breast

Collar: three fibres cock pheasant tail


Place hook in vice and wind on thread.

Make a small pad of thread in the front third of the hook and then trim off the waste thread.

Now prepare the partridge hackle and then tie it in by the tip with the hackle facing upwards. Trim the waste material.

Hold the hackle by the butt end and then stroke the fibres forward. Then wind the hackle onto the hook stroking the fibres forward as you do it and then secure the hackle at the back. The hackle fibres should be facing forwards.

Wind the thread towards the bend of the hook and form a body. Then tie in the pheasant tail collar just behind the hackle and then finish with a whip finish just behind the hackle.


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