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Upper Longtown Beat River Monnow

Upper Longtown beat of the river Monnow

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Magic on the Llynfi

By richard adeney, Feb 28 2020 02:31PM

The Llynfi is a medium sized tributary of the River Wye, which flows out of Llangorse Lake an ancient glacial lake. The Pontithel beat is a delight to fish with a good stock of both grayling brown trout. On this beat I have caught larger grayling than brown trout. Tickets can be obtained from the Wye and Usk foundation. The banks of the stream are fairly wooded but it is possible to get into the water and wade upstream.

I was fishing the river in November 2018 for grayling and caught this fine specimen. The set up I was using was my trusty ESO 6:4 3.6 meter rod matched with a 3.5 furled Tenkara line. I have had this rod for several years now and it has served me very well. I was fishing up a run underneath the trees with a small dry fly. In addition to the fine fish I caught I also caught other grayling of a smaller size from the same run.

Later that day I also caught some out of season brown trout.

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