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Fishing in tunnels

By richard adeney, Feb 5 2020 09:35PM

When my children were young and we were on car journeys there was always great excitement when the road went through a tunnel of trees. There would be shouts of ‘tree tunnel’ from the back of the car. Tree tunnels are not only restricted to roads but also the streams and rivers in the Wye catchment.

The river Dore in Herefordshire is a case in point. The Chanstone Court beat ( is hemmed in by trees and river bank vegetation. There are only a few access points and your whole fishing session is governed by the time it takes to fish between the access points.

So how do I tackle this stream? I fish with either a 2.4 meter Tenkara rod or a 1.8 meter 2 weight. Coupled with a 3 meter furled leader. As for flies a small selection of wet, dry and nymphs are all that is required. When fishing these streams it is important to keep as close to the bank as possible and also wade as carefully as you can.

Fishing in such close proximity to the stream can lead to close encounters with the local wildlife. One evening I was fishing a very secluded pool enclosed pool. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the silt on the bottom of the river disturbed only a few feet from me. Was it an otter entering the water or a large fish? I don’t know but it was a close encounter of the wild kind. Kingfishers are another inhabitant of these streams which you will encounter. You may even need to duck to avoid them as they streak up and down the stream.

Fishing can be challenging but it is well worth fishing these streams not only for the fish caught but also for the encounters with the local wildlife.

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